YogaSpot offers a variety of yoga classes.

 We have two sequenced Hot Yoga classes which remain the same every time you come.  One is 80 minutes and the other is 60 minutes.  For those that like to mix it up we offer several  unscripted options for Heated Vinyasa Flow classes that change every time you attend.  We also offer Yin and Yoga Fundamentals.   All classes are shaped for the beginner who needs some extra instruction to advanced student who can work deeper into their posture. You will be able to work at your level with guided instruction from our qualified teachers. You will soon find a more balanced, stronger You.

Hot Yoga [sequence]

HEATED TO 100+ / ADDED HUMIDITY / MUSIC in select portions of class
An all levels, heated sequenced yoga class that uses both static postures and flow sequence to create a sense of balance within the body. These classes increase strength, flexibility, endurance and overall balance. You will soon realize the stress releasing, mind-body connection that a consistent yoga practice will bring to your life. These classes are 80 minutes in length and can be taken at your own pace. You will also see a condensed version of this classes on the schedule that is 60 minutes (Hot Yoga 60)

Yoga Flow

An all levels, energetic 60 minute class that uses your own deep breath and some added heat to seamlessly link your movements together. These flow classes are set to music and meant to challenge the body. Arm balances and inversion may be offered in class.  Modifications will always be offered so the intensity meets the students needs. Notice how calm the mind can become when you move fluidly through your practice. Come experience the strengthening of your body, improved flexibility and calm state of mind.

Power Flow


An all levels, exhilarating 60-minute flow style class set to fun, upbeat music. This lightly heated class will challenge you with added movements to strengthen and tone your body and core.  You will notice increased body awareness and improved posture utilizing the entire mind/body connection all while getting stronger.  Modifications will always be offered so the intensity meets the students needs.  Be prepared to move, sweat and have fun! 

Yin Yoga Class

60 minute slow paced class that is relaxing to the body and mind. You will begin to heal injuries, increase circulation to joints, release tense muscles and create flexibility in the body. Postures are done mostly on the floor and are held from 3 to 5 minutes in length. This is a perfect compliment to a regular hot yoga practice or any other type of physical activity. This therapeutic class will use blankets, straps and blocks to support your body while you slowly deepen into your pose. This is open to all levels. Props will be provided.  Currently offered Sundays @5:30pm.  A perfect way to end your weekend.  


NON- HEATED / MUSIC in select portions of class.
This class is designed to offer new and existing students a chance to dive deep into their yoga poses focusing on correct alignment and movement. Limited spots available. This class will Pop-Up about once a month so you can sign up when it works for you!  Dates announced through Social Media, emails and show on Mindbody.  Ask us if you don't see it! 

Due to social distancing efforts, classes are currently capped.  Students must pre-register for classes and, if choosing to cancel, must remove themselves from classes at least 4 hours prior to start time. Classes at or prior to 8:30am require cancellation 10 hours ahead of start time. Late cancellation fee is $20 or loss of class from package.  We hope to return to normal soon.

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