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Welcome to our yoga studio serving the East Valley for 14 years! Discover over 40 weekly hot yoga classes featuring Hot Yoga, Heated Vinyasa (flow) Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Join our welcoming community of like-minded people where students and family unite. Experience the transformative power of yoga with us.

Our Yoga Classes

Hot yoga classes take place in a heated room from 95-100 degrees and a controlled level of humidity.  This unique combination of heat and yoga poses promotes flexibility, aids in detoxification through sweat, and facilitates a deeper release of muscle tension.

Consistent practice of hot yoga leads to enhanced mental clarity, reveals personal strengths, fosters a deeper mind-body connection, and promotes stress relief and self-awareness.

What Other Yogis Say

“Great studio. This is one of my most favorite spots to go sweat and breathe and reset. The teachers are lovely and are so helpful to teach and guide us in their craft. Great starter packages too!" 

“I have been going to this yoga studio for about 3 three years and can't get enough of it.  The teachers are competent and inspiring, the environment is uplifting, and the class is challenging but achievable.”

“I love YogaSpot! Every class has been challenging yet I feel very comfortable moving at my own pace. The studio is clean and very friendly! I highly recommend YogaSpot!”

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